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Pain Relief Without Compromise

Wearable neuromodulation for daily use

  • Self-Adjusting

    One button press automatically delivers a therapeutic treatment intensity. No complicated settings.

  • Lightweight, Wearable

    Enso is compact, portable and designed for patients to wear unobtrusively during exercise or daily activities.

    Lightweight, Wearable
  • Soothing Sensation

    Patients prefer Enso over the harsh electrical sensations delivered by existing neuromodulation treatments.

    Soothing Sensation

“The Enso experience is beautifully designed. My patients find it comfortable to use. It’s so simple and small I can actually expect my patients to stick to their regular treatments.”

Dr. Robert Gamburd Clinical Professor, Stanford University

How do you prescribe it?

Physicians may prescribe Enso as an alternative to narcotics by instructing patients to self-administer treatment for one hour or more as needed per day to achieve all-day relief.

How would I provide it to my patients?

Please contact us for more information on how you can distribute Enso to your patients.

Why is this important?

Physicians dealing with pain need the latest tools to adequately serve their patients. Opioid medication and surgery have clear downsides. We believe that providing physicians with an easy-to-prescribe form of neuromodulation treatment can lead to improved pain relief and functionality outcomes for their patients.